DIY Jewelry Kit

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Making jewelry is a great activity for kids for hands-on learning!

This makes for a great birthday gift, weekend activity, Easter Basket, or quarantine hands-on learning game!

DIY Pack Includes:

- 10x pre-cut strings
- 2 strands of favorite color heishi beads
- 3 x childs name in different colored beads
- 2 cups of random cocktail heishi bead mix


*** Grab kids scissors and a soft tape measure if you have it -- (not necessary but helpful!) ***
- Start by securing binder clip to one end of the string leaving about 2 inches! 
- Start stringing your beads in whatever patten you'd like.
- Once the pattern is complete, make sure it's long enough to fit on a wrist (kids around 6") 
- Tie both ends with an overhand knot 3x! Just like a normal tight knot, but 3x!l... Or 6x! Whatever you think will the most sturdy! It also might work better if someone else holds down the beads while you tie the knot. 
- Cut the extra string off
- Secure on wrist! 

Remove when visiting pools, the beach and when taking a shower. Liquid cosmetics should be avoided.

Skip wearing if you plan on exercising or sweating more than usual. We are not responsible for replacing discolored items after use.