DIY Easter Bracelet Kit

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Get this EGG-citing DIY kit for your little ones to make their own bracelets! Each kit comes in an Easter Egg perfect for Easter baskets!  Please put what color letter beads you want in the color requests!

DIY Pack Includes:

- 2x pre-cut strings

- 1 strand of heishi beads

- An egg full of random beads

- Letter beads

- Instructions


1. Secure one end of string with binder clip to keep beads in place

2. String on beads in whatever pattern you like!

3. Measure as you go and stop adding beads when it fits around kid's wrist (about 6")

4. Tie both ends together with an overhand knot 3x

5. Show off your new custom bracelets! Tag us in your creation @onieandsky!

Remove when visiting pools, the beach and when taking a shower. Liquid cosmetics should be avoided.

Skip wearing if you plan on exercising or sweating more than usual. We are not responsible for replacing discolored items after use.