Gay Stratton (aka "Mama Gay") was diagnosed in mid-April with an aggressive and rare form of thyroid cancer. Mama Gay has a rich history of loving on friends and family with her time, volunteering, cooking, random gifts, and many other acts of service.  It's time for us to love on her with these beautifully created “strong” bracelets.


The pink, purple and teal colors match those of the the thyroid cancer awareness ribbon while "strong" speaks to the enduring hope, positive attitude, and unending faith that Mama Gay excudes not only through this cancer journey, but in all aspects of life.


20% of sales from each bracelet will be donated to the Stratton family to help with ongoing treatment expenses.


What is next? She will soon go through 6 weeks of radiation (5 days/week) and chemotherapy (1 day/week) in Houston.  This is where the tough road starts. The surgeon mentioned that treatment will most likely be harder than surgery with weeks 3-6 being the worst.  She could have a harder time swallowing and even end up with a feeding tube at one point to get her through.


Please pray for her and her family to ease any anxieties or fear and to give her peace of mind and a strong will to beat ATC.


#MamaGayStrong #BeautifullyStrong

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